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You may view a summary of your Linked accounts and select one you wish to access.

TreasuryDirect Linked accounts let you open a Minor account (in an individual account only) or Custom account linked to your Primary account. Use the Conversion account to convert your paper securities into electronic form through SmartExchange®. Holdings for each Linked account are kept separately from your Primary account and can be accessed only through your Primary account. An online IRS Form 1099 is available for your Primary account and each Linked account.

A Minor account (in an individual account only) is a custodial account you may establish for a child under the age of 18 if you are a parent, natural guardian, or person providing chief support. You may purchase, redeem, receive gift deliveries, and perform other transactions within the account on behalf of the minor. When the minor reaches age 18 and establishes a Primary account, you may de-link the securities from the Minor account to move them to the new Primary account.

A Custom account is a flexible account you establish to meet specific financial goals. You can even create a customized name, such as "Vacation Fund," for the account. The account offers the same capabilities you enjoy in your Primary account.

A Conversion account is an account created so that you may convert your paper Series EE and I Bonds to electronic securities. You may convert your bonds through SmartExchange when the link “Establish a Conversion Linked Account” appears in the “Manage My Linked Accounts” section on the ManageDirect page in your primary account

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