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Federal Investments Program

The Federal Investments Program is administered by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service’s (Fiscal Service) Federal Investments and Borrowings Branch (FIBB).

The Federal Investments Program’s purpose is to facilitate investments in Government Account Series (GAS) securities by federal agencies on behalf of the Department of the Treasury (Treasury).

Federal agencies that have the proper legal authority granted by Congress and investment authority documentation can invest funds with Treasury. The Federal Investments Program represents approximately a quarter of the public debt outstanding, providing services to about 250 Trust, Deposit, and Special Funds.

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Federal Investments and Borrowings Branch (FIBB)

  • Maintains detailed records of GAS investment transactions between Treasury and other federal agencies.
  • Accounts for and reports Treasury’s Federal Investments Program-related debt and the associated accruals and payments.
  • Develops and maintains accounting policies and standards for the management of the Federal Investments Program.


FedInvest is a Federal Investments Program application, owned and maintained by Fiscal Service, to be used by federal agencies for investment in Government Account Series (GAS) securities. FedInvest allows federal agencies to buy and sell securities, view account holdings, transactions and reports, and download data.

If you have forgotten your password or have trouble logging in to FedInvest, please call the IT Help Desk at 304-480-7777 for assistance.


Contact FIBB

Phone: 304-480-5151 Option 3
Address: Department of the Treasury
Bureau of the Fiscal Service
Federal Investments and Borrowings Branch
Parkersburg Warehouse & Operations Center Dock 1
257 Bosley Industrial Park Drive
Parkersburg, WV 26101