Treasury HuntŪ

How Treasury Hunt Works

To use Treasury Hunt, click “Start Search” below and follow the instructions.  If the system finds a possible match between you and a security or a payment, Treasury Hunt will tell you how to proceed.  

If your search is unsuccessful, please consider trying again at a later date.  The Treasury Hunt database is updated monthly.


  • Under the Privacy Act of 1974, if you are not the owner or co-owner of a security, we are limited in the information we can provide.
  • Use the buttons and links we've provided on each page. Using your browser to navigate (including the back, forward, and refresh buttons) will end your session.
  • To use Treasury Hunt, JavaScript must be enabled in your web browser.

What is Treasury Hunt?

Use this online tool to help determine whether:

  • you or a deceased loved one owns either savings bonds, registered Treasury notes, or registered Treasury bonds that have matured and stopped earning interest. Note:  Information on matured savings bonds is available for those issued in 1974 or after.
  • you haven’t received interest due to you for a Series H or Series HH savings bond.
  • you haven’t received payments due to you from Legacy Treasury Direct.